Fringe are happy to advise and help create the impact you desire whatever the occasion. We have created designs for many weddings, garden, funerals and corporate events.

Our flowers are of the higest quality that bring a natural beauty whatever the occasion, fringe can create designs that are simple yet elegant, lively or innovative.

Fringe Florist是一間完美花店給每個愛花及希望讓生活更加美好的人。在Fringe Florist,你可以找到你喜愛的優質秀麗花卉。我們亦能提供建議及幫助,從而製造出能影響你平淡枯燥的生活尋回渴望;季節中的樂趣;特別時候的一刻,甚至任何場合。